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Information  on Bed Mulch:

Why Mulch?

  • Weed Prevention
  • Prevents Erosion
  • Water Retention
  • Most Organics help improve soil quality
  • Looks Great


Organic Mulches: 

Organic mulch can be separated into two categories based on its intended use:

1) The best mulch for flower beds and vegetable gardens is a one that will decay quickly. In Florida, you may find yourself replenishing your mulch a couple times a season. This is a good thing as it helps to build the soil and add nutrients to it.

2) The best mulch for use around trees, shrubs, and for paths is one that will rot very slowly -- usually this type of mulch is made from bark or wood. Mulch made from wood chips not only rots slowly, but is very low in available nutrients and so retards weed growth. Wood chips are not a desirable mulch to use on flower or perennial beds as they take nitrogen from the soil (you will need to periodically add a nitrogen containing fertilizer to your soil to combat this problem when you begin to notice the lower leaves on your plants turning yellow).

Cypress: Attractive-looking, inexpensive and long-lasting. Chips are easy to apply. The only problem is that this is not environmentally correct. -- the trees that are taken to be ground into mulch are not being replanted.

Cypress.jpg (16765 bytes)

Melaleuca:  Excellent mulch because of its long-lasting qualities. This mulch also helps with the eradication of this invasive tree. Laboratory tests show termites don't like Melaleuca. The product is sold under the name Florimulch. Use this instead of Cyprus Mulch

Disadvantages: Hard to Find

Melalauca.jpg (11142 bytes)

Pine bark: Slow to decompose and generally lasts a year or more. Bark can be bought in different sizes, ranging from a fine grind to 2-inch nuggets. Great for Path Ways.

Disadvantages: Large chunks can float away from the mulched surface. Mulch can lower soil pH slightly.

Red Mulch or Waste wood:  Red mulches add a touch of color as well as iron (Fe) to your garden as the chips are stained red with an iron solution.

Disadvantages: While some manufacturers use only indigenous hardwoods, others mix a variety of woods along with construction debris that might include pressure-treated lumber. This material also decomposes faster than bark and requires the addition of nitrogen fertilizer.

Red.jpg (17902 bytes)

Eucalyptus: The natural oil reportedly repels termites, fleas, ticks and insects. Mulch is aromatic and maintains soil pH. The redwood color deepens with exposure to sunlight. American-Eucalyptus Corp. sells shredded and fiber mulch. This mulch is propagated and regenerated on managed plantations.

Disadvantages: Hard to Find

Yard waste:  (grass clippings, leaves, pine needles): Free and adds nutrients to the soil. Grass clippings should be cut before seeds have ripened and should be applied dry. Pine needles are good for acid-loving plants, such as azaleas, gardenias and hydrangeas.

Disadvantages: Can spread weed seeds; not as uniformly attractive as other mulches

Inorganic Mulches: 

Inorganic materials don't add nutrients to soil and do not decompose readily.

Landscape fabrics: Plastic covers are laid over the soil surface to hold in moisture and prevent weed growth. Usually top-dressed with another mulch. Some products are porous.

Disadvantages: If the product isn't porous, plant roots can suffocate and rot.

Stone, pebbles, gravel: Used for color, texture and stability. Creates a permanent cover. All rocks are fire-resistant. These products don't break down in the soil.

Disadvantages: Smaller pebbles may sink into the soil after time. Some rocks are hard to keep clean. Moving this type of mulch is heavy work.


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